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Our way of bringing you content. The platform. The medium. The Digital Space is filled with all of our photoshoots, articles, advice, recommendations, and more.


The Inspiration

Details Magazine is a monthly lifestyle editorial hoping to bring inspiration and encouragement to young people.


We hope you see and embrace the details around you as well as the beauty inside you. 

The Magazine

The past issues full of inspiration, concept themes, recipes, advice, reviews and stories. Theses issues are the backbone and starting focus of Details Magazine. They are now some of our favorite pieces of work.


Want to make a positive impact on young women?

Submit your work to us! We are always looking for unique perspectives and creative talent! We accept journalism, photography, videography and digital art.

It all started with a student...

She always knew she wanted to run a magazine. And she always knew she wanted to help influence young women in a positive way.


So during her second year of university while abroad in England, Caitlyn thought to herself "Why am I waiting?"​


Then was born Details Magazine.

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