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4 Content Creators You Have to Follow

(October '22 Issue: The Creative Process)

Written by Rosie Lewis

Social media is both everything and everywhere nowadays. It’s part of our personal lives, employment, news and information, communication - the whole shebang. However, it can be so easy for social media to flip from an everyday part of our lives, into a negative and self-esteem crushing hole with just a few follows. After falling foul of that myself, I Marie Kondo’d my social media. If the accounts I followed didn’t spark joy, they were out. I started to fill my feeds with friends, people I admire, or people who inspire me. Honestly? It’s been game changing. I’m feeling less anxious, more engaged, and more creative. Whilst the overall change has been positive in more ways I can count, there are a few accounts that I turn to if I am ever in need of a creative spark.

1. Stephanie Yeboah

Who? Perhaps the ultimate blogger icon. As well as being a freelance journalist, author, advocate, and award-winning content creator. Oh, and a newly made podcast host!

Niche? Travel, plus-size fashion, lifestyle, pop culture, body-positive advocacy

Sparks creativity? If I am ever feeling stuck in a rut content or blog wise, she is the first Instagram I reach for. Her work shows you how it should be done - it’s top tier, gold medal style content. Just seeing someone have their own style of work and deliver it so well always gets that brain of mine swirling with inspiration.

Where? @/stephanieyeboah

2. Kaye Ford

Who? Award winning photographer and one to watch. I sense a Vogue cover in her future.

Niche? Street-style, beauty, commercial, fashion

Sparks creativity? I am not a photographer by any means. I can create a mean flat lay and like playing around with the dials on my DSLR but it ain’t my bag. But Kaye? The skills she has and the images she creates always hit the brief and always look incredible. Just having her on my feed makes me want to work harder so I can work with her!

Where? @/fordtography

3. Zoe London

Who? DJ and producer, with a background in the world of YouTube. Currently the DJ for Spurs Football Club. Live DJ for WWE UK and NFL, as well as club nights across the world.

Niche? House meets rock, euroclub, Eurovision,

Sparks creativity? Zoe London is the epitome of ‘working hard gets results’. You can see this in the success that has been coming her way in this year alone! She always has fresh mixes on the go, booking gigs left right and centre, works on content creation - all whilst living with Endometriosis. What really sparks creativity in me when I look at her work is how undoubtedly hers it is. This isn’t just any DJ - this is Zoe London.

Where? @/zoelondondj

4. Candice Brathwaite

Who? Multi-faceted queen. Started out blogging about mum's life, now added author and TV presenter to her list of achievements.

Niche? Motherhood, advocacy, style, inclusivity

Sparks creativity? Candice does it all and wears it well. One minute she is announcing a new book; the next, she is discussing maternal mortality rates for black women on National TV; then she can be found putting together iconic looks on Reels, or designing sustainable handbags with BEEN. But the honesty that she brings to all her work is so refreshing. She doesn’t shy away from talking about the big stuff, the important stuff amidst her work and that’s so vital.

Where? @/candicebrathwaite

Here’s my advice for anyone with an Instagram account. Firstly, follow these amazing women. I can guarantee their ethos and work will keep you inspired. Secondly, go through and get rid of any accounts that don’t make you feel good or don’t inspire you. It’ll be good for your mental health and for your creativity.

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