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Creation is...

(October '22 Issue: The Creative Process)

Written by Hannah Pilgrim

Crying without tears, when the heart is in two but the mouth will not open. And I have no

Religion that I believe in, yet it is the closest I ever feel to divinity. It is a yell of

Ecstasy; a joy so sublime it must be born into a physical form to last and be enjoyed.

A love letter, containing the beatings of a heart- to whom, or whatever, it is addressed.

Time itself, trapped in a bottle, to be drunk and transport the drinker to days gone by.

Indignations and shouts of rage at the injustices that fall at our feet- shouts of “No more”

Or it's just a quiet hum under one’s breath, produced for no reason but because you can.

Nothing short of magic, that's what creation is- magic that can change the world or just yours

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