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The Brain vs. The Mind

Letter from the Editor (October '22 Issue: The Creative Process)

Written by Caitlyn Raymond

How deep into your mind can you go? Have you thought about the difference between your brain and your mind? From my perspective your brain is the physical thing in your skull, while your mind is the thinker. Your mind is the non-physical aspect that holds your subconscious. That being said, I will ask again; how deep into your mind can you go? Can you pull the process of creativity and dwell on what that feels like for your mind? What does the flow of energies feel like? How can you put into a physical form the entirety of the creative process? From start to finish.

Photographed by Caitlyn Raymond, Modeled by Abbey Brady, Ashley Rhodes, and Ben Smith

Creativity is what powers the world. Nothing could ever be created unless someone thinks it first. Nothing could be written, drawn, sculpted, or executed without the mind and its individualistic creative process. While the world turns and things are created we forget to take a step back and revel in its unique process. Let’s take a moment and think of the last time we were creative and what the internal connection looked like. Creative block, communication, frustration, reflection, confusion and understanding, collaboration, color and physical expression.

For the month of October we aim to channel creativity with you, understand the creative process and share our stories of creative outlets.

Thank you to my incredible team of journalists for being the backbone of Details Magazine. When things don't go to plan I can always count on them to have the most inspiring and dedicated attitude.

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